Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Finch trims trio from squad ahead of Turkey games

Great Britain coach Chris Finch has cut Randall Hanke, Steve Leven and Tafari Toney from his Eurobasket squad, prior to the team's departure from London to Turkey on Tuesday morning.

"They were able to come in and compete. In two of the cases it was their first time in the programme so it's important to work with the guys now and build that relationship," said Finch.

"There is an opportunity for them to help in the future just unfortunately right now we have a lot of depth and experience in certain positions."

It now stands at 13 players, including the absent Pops Mensah Bonsu, as talks continue with the Houston Rockets over finalising the Londoner's contract.

Finch added: "We are currently working with the Rockets and the NBA to sort out the details that will allow Pops to play. He is keen to join his teammates. Hopefully, he will be able to join the team in Turkey."

GB face Latvia on Wednesday. 

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