Monday, 14 December 2009

Practice is Glasgow Rocks secret: Copeland

Glasgow Rocks forward Mike Copeland insists his team’s ultra-tough practice games have sparked the Scots back into title contention.

The Kelvin Hall outfit will bid for a fifth straight win against Plymouth on Wednesday. And the fast-improving North Carolina product claims that the fight for playing time within the Rocks reinforced nine-man squad has added an edge to their preparations.

“Practices have become very competitive," said Copeland. "Everyone wants to show they deserve to play. And I like that. We’re going hard every day to get a spot in the team.”

The additional depth has allowed Rocks player-coach Sterling Davis to cut back his minutes with the side rotating its cover in the middle with Copeland and Mike Crowell sharing duties as the Scots try to combat size with speed.

And that, in turn, says Copeland has given the players a clearer sense of direction.

"Sterling’s helping us a lot when he’s coaching from the sidelines," he added. "But he’s also telling us what to do a lot more when he’s out on the court. He’s seeing the whole floor and picking up what we’re doing wrong."


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