Thursday, 11 March 2010

Flournoy sticking with rotation policy

Newcastle Eagles coach Fabulous Flournoy has claimed his decision to bring some of his leading players off the bench is a key reason why his team have now moved into the position of BBL favourites.
The leaders have used Joe Chapman and Charles Smith as sixth men during the 12-game winning streak that has taken them to the top of the league – and into the Trophy final.
Flournoy’s men meet Milton Keynes on Friday in what could be a dress rehearsal for this month’s knock-out finale and the New Yorker has no intention of changing his star-second policy.
“There is no one reason that I bring Charles and Joe off the bench,” he said. “At some point in time, everyone on our team has started. Unlike most teams, where you have players that start, we have players that can start or come off the bench and it is not an issue because everyone on our team wants to win.”
He added” “It is one of the reasons we are so successful - because we have some many guys that can hurt you that you can not concentrate on one. Plus, unlike most of the other teams, our players are playing half the minutes everyone else is and are much more productive.”


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