Monday, 5 October 2009

Deng converts new Gooners

Luol Deng is playing host to the Bulls in London - and foremost in his mind was the opportunity to take his team-mates to the Arsenal-Blackburn game on Sunday.

Brad Miller, Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, Jerome James and Kirk Hinrich all made the trek to the Emirates. “It was probably pretty similar to a college football game,” said an impressed Hinrich. "We were in a box. We snuck in late and left early but it was an enjoyable game. I’m definitely going to start following Arsenal now.”

So far though, the Great Britain star hasn't yet had a really daft query from his team-mates about the capital.

 “Honestly," he added, "there haven’t been a lot of bad questions. A lot of guys are familiar with London. But I’ve been waiting for it"

The Bulls practiced at the O2 Arena on Monday morning - Derrick Rose and Tyrus Thomas sat out and will likely miss Tuesday's game against the Jazz.

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