Friday, 6 November 2009

Finch disappearance explained

The mystery of Great Britain coach Chris Finch's mystery disappearance during the build-up to Eurobasket has finally been solved.

While team officials were insisting Finch had flown from Ankara to his club base in Belgium during a two-day hiatus - with players none the wiser - reports in Texas have now revealed that the American flew to New York for a mere five-hour stopover, undergoing an interview with Houston Rockets officials for his new job in charge of the D-League's Rio Grande Vipers.

Since them it has been a whirlwind as Finch prepared for this week's Draft. “Everything has happened so fast,” Finch told local media. “We’re still trying to get our feet under us. Logistically, we are trying to pull our life together. We’ve got stuff in Europe, stuff in Florida, stuff in Chicago. We’re just trying to get it all timed up to come down here.”

Here's Finch's introductory press conference.

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