Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Yanders: Rocks are back

Glasgow Rocks captain Rob Yanders believes Sunday’s win over Everton can be the result that inspires his side to start playing like BBL title contenders rather than also-rans.
The Kelvin Hall outfit roared from behind to beat Everton 84-69 despite seeing coach Sterling Davis ejected from the sidelines.
And Yanders believes the eighth-placed Scots – and especially rookie star Mike Copeland – have finally understood what is required to compete.
He said: “This is something we can build on. Doing what we did against Everton can definitely be a spark for us to start moving up the table. I think Mike illustrated that by showing so much maturity, getting 12 rebounds. He was key for us. But the whole team grew up. Sterling called on everybody to step up and they did.”
The Rocks now have a fortnight’s break from action before meeting Worcester but Yanders will demand maximum effort on the practice court.
The American said: “We have to focus on what we have and build on that over the next two weeks. We don’t need to keep having excuses. We just have to move on.”

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