Saturday, 28 November 2009

Worcester Wolves in meltdown after coach Evans walks amid player 'strike'

Worcester Wolves have been thrown into turmoil after head coach Chuck Evans quit the club, with up to six players also suspended and likely to have played their last games there.

The scheduled BBL tie against Glasgow Rocks on Sunday will go ahead following the bust-up, league officials confirmed. The Wolves are expected to field French forward, Harry Disy, who was not involved in the issue, along with several fringe and second-team players.

However, Worcester management has alleged that an un-named group of players had threatened to go on strike after railing against Evans' coaching methods. While the American playcaller is thought to have apologised to his charges following showdown talks with management, it is understood that matters descended into chaos following a meeting between the disgruntled sextet and club chiefs.

24 hours later, sources claim, the group asserted that they would refuse to play for Evans again. While the former Euroleague star subsequently resigned from his post, Worcester chairman Roger Clarke has insisted, in a statement issued on Friday, that he was left with no option except to proceed with disciplinary action.

“It has been a very difficult week," said Clarke. "We were left with no alternative but to terminate the contracts of players who refused to play for the Wolves.

“Coach Evans accepted disciplinary action but decided that in the best interests of the club he would resign from his position with immediate effect. The club is now in talks with the BBL and hopes to turn out a full squad as soon as possible.”

Evans, who had made a number of changes to the Wolves squad already this season, was in his first season in charge. His predecessor, Skouskon Harker, continued to play for the team but is among those sacked. It is, however, understood that the ousted stars could sue for unfair dismissal.

One departee, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Britball: "It's a really bad situation. We've taken legal advice and been told not to discuss what's gone on until the situation becomes clearer. But you know things had gotten pretty bad for it to come to this."

It is expected that Worcester will ask the BBL for a number of postponements of December fixtures in order to re-build their roster and appoint a replacement for Evans.

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