Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bosh, Warriors win PBWA awards

The Professional Basketball Writers Association
today  announced  the  Golden  State  Warriors  as the winners of the newly
re-named Brian McIntyre Media Relations award.

The staff, headed by Executive Director of Public Relations Raymond Ritter,
won  the  award  in  balloting  among more than 150 members of the PBWA for
exemplary service in dealing with media that covers the league.

The  award  is now named after McIntyre, the NBA’s Senior Vice President of
Basketball  Communications. McIntyre has been with the league for more than
30  years  and  has  developed and implemented many of the league's current
communications  and  media  relations  policies  and procedures. He created
numerous awards, including the Sixth Man Award, the Defensive Player of the
Year  and the Most Improved Player. He was responsible for initiating White
House  visits  by NBA championship teams, the creation of a media relations
training  tape  for  players,  the  institution of satellite postgame press
conference feeds at major NBA events, and a host of other initiatives.

“We’re  very  proud and honored to have our media relations award now named
for  Brian.  whose  tireless  efforts  to make the relationship between the
media,  the  league  and its teams have earned him universal respect,” said
PBWA  president  Doug Smith of the Toronto Star. “And Raymond and his staff
are deserving winners of the first Brian McIntyre Award.”

The  award  was un-named when it was won in previous years by the staffs of
the Phoenix Suns, Toronto Raptors and Portland Trail Blazers.

As  well, the PBWA announced that Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors is this
year’s  winner  of  the  Magic  Johnson  Award,  presented  to a player who
combines on-court performance with steady cooperation with the media.

“Chris  understands  the  needs  of the media and fulfills his duties with
respect for the job the media plays in this day and age,” said Smith.