Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Copeland looks to set new Tar Heel mark

Glasgow Rocks forward Mike Copeland plans to call the coach who turned him into an All-American hero and urge him to jet to Birmingham to back his bid to earn a slice of sporting history that eluded the great Michael Jordan.

The rookie star won America’s college title last year at the University of North Carolina, playing for the legendary Roy Williams.

However the 24-year-old has revealed that a few words from his former boss helped him find the extra gear that boosted the Rocks unexpected BBL play-off run that will culminate in Saturday’s final against Everton.

Copeland said: “I talked to Coach Williams and his assistants on Skype a week or two ago and they told me to go out and win a championship. They said ‘we got you one here, so you could be the first UNC player to do that and go out and win a pro championship the following year, back to back.’

“Michael Jordan didn’t do it. James Worthy didn’t do it. Vince Carter didn’t do it. None of the legends whose shirts are up in the rafters have done it. So I want to go and get it.

“So I’m calling him to tell him what’s happened and see if he’ll fly over. He loves playing golf at St. Andrew’s so I’m hoping he’ll come watch us play in the final.”


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